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" The American Welding Society (AWS) was founded in 1919 as a multifaceted, not for profit organization with a goal to advance the science, technology and application of welding and related joining disciplines. From factory floor to high-rise construction, from military weaponry to home products, AWS continues to lead the way in supporting welding education and technology development to ensure a strong, competitive and exciting way of life for all Americans. "  --

AWS Houston Section

Founded in 1937, the Houston Section of the AWS is a regional group of AWS members of the national organization which represents the welding profession and all individuals interested in the advancement of welding and its allied processes.


We are a not for profit organization.


Calendar of Events

Meeting Information

Houston AWS – April 16th, 2014


Meeting Topic:

Unlocking some of the Mystery in Submerged Arc Flux Selection


• Introduction

• Basic Process

• The number of process variations adds to the complexity of choices.

• Process variation

• Three basic criteria for flux selection:

o Application requirements

o Weld performance

o Mechanical properties

• AWS Classifications for carbon steel – What the numbers mean:

o A5.17

o A5.23

• Flux manufacturing

• Active vs neutral flux

• Acid vs Basic

• General Maintenance:

o Weld metal hydrogen and cracking

o Flux storage – temperature and humidity

o Recycling flux – flux break-down issues

o Recrushed flux – certification of material, performance

• Stainless fluxes

o Neutral, chrome compensating, Chrome enhancing

o Ferrite numbers and cracking





David A. Hebble


EDUCATION: B.S., Welding Engineering, LeTourneau College, Longview, TX, 1973


David is currently employed by Arc Specialties in Houston where he serves as senior welding engineer. Prior to Arc Specialties he was senior application engineer for ESAB Welding and Cutting Products for over 37 years. During his years at Linde/ESAB he provided technical support to distributors and end-user customers. Although he supported all of the welding and cutting processes, his area of expertise was submerged arc welding and plasma cutting. He has field experience with single and multi-wire submerged arc welding as well as welding filler materials selection.



Brady's Landing‎

8505 Cypress Street

Houston, TX 77012

(713) 928-9921


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